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Hi Everyone, Many of you have noticed that I haven’t been updating Hungry Walrus lately. Due to an influx of fine art photography work and a stacked photography assignment list, I’m unable to put the necessary time needed to keep … More »

New Canon EOS M Camera

Canon EOS M, Review, Camera, Buy, Sale, Reccommendation, Best, Small, Camera, Canon, Hungry Walrus

The new Canon EOS M has the highest picture quality to body-size of any other camera on the market. It’s a great camera for everyone – novice and professional users alike. Check a thorough review on this awesome camera from … More »

Suja Organic Juice

Suja, Review, Best, Juice, Sale, Buy, Deal, Discount, Surf, Surfing, Yoga, Cleanse, Hungry Walrus, Eric Ethans

If you don’t have time to cold-press fresh juice on a regular basis, but love the taste and health benefits that come from a fresh glass of natural superfood, check out Suja. Coincidentally one of Juja’s co-founders, Eric Ethans, and … More »

Hess Surfboards Green Design

danny hess surfboards hungry walrus

Danny Hess builds beautiful surfboards with low-impact materials such as reclaimed hardwood, recycled EPS foam, and cork. Hess has also figured out how to use half the amount of fiberglass that is normally used, with result’s that are far stronger … More »

Easybreath – New Snorkel Invention

Easybreath, Review, Idea, Best, New Snorkel Invention

The French love their diving. Check this new product out, could actually be pretty rad. Looking forward to trying one out. “The Easybreath mask allows you to breathe more naturally through your nose and mouth, without fogging up the goggle, … More »

Nixon Blaster Travel Speaker

Nixon Blaster Speaker Review

The Blaster is a step-up in sound and features from the TPS speaker that Nixon released last year. It’s durable, wireless, light, and has a rubber texture. Volume controls are on top along with track skip. I dig this speaker. … More »

Dozer – Rusty Surfboards

Screen shot 2012-05-07 at 10.31.14 AM

The Dozer flies over flats and drives through power hacks. This is one of my favorite California performance surfboards. They work insane in fun, gutless surf. Dozers are wider, thicker, and have more overall volume than a standard shortboard, so … More »

Tumo Short Sleeve Full – Matuse

Matuse Wetsuit Tumo Short Sleve Spring Full Suit Review Hungry Walrus John Maher

Matuse Tumo Short Sleeve Full is ideal for surfing through the California spring into summer. Like all Matuse wetsuits, the Tumo Short Sleeve Full is constructed out of a unique material called Geoprene (limestone base), which is warmer, lighter, tougher, … More »

The Wave Collection

The Wave Collection, Joe, Noris, Johnny, Noris, Ring, Bracelet, Neclace, Waves, Surfing, Jewelery, Best, Hand, made, La Jolla, San Diego, California

I’ve always been encouraged to support local artists. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family full of artists, or maybe it’s simply because local artists make the most unique and highest quality work on the market, and that … More »

Indo Teak Design

IndoTeak, Indo Teak, Design, Indo, Teak, San Diego, Best, Custom, Work, Flooring, Panel, Cabnits, sale, Frank, Ragen, Best, Wood, LED, Sustainable, Import

Check out the beautiful work coming from a Into Teak Design – they are taking a responsible approach with an incredible product. I’ve teamed up to work exclusively with IndoTeak to frame my fine art images because they are beautiful, … More »

New Nikon 1 AW1 – Waterproof

New, Nikon, 1, AW1, Waterproof, Shockproof, Freezeproof, Camera, Best, Travel, Deal, Sale, Discount, Review, Reviews, Blog, Hungry Walrus, Surf, Snowboard, Boat, Girls, Women

The new Nikon 1 AW1 delivers high quality images anywhere with its tough, waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof construction. What can’t the Nikon 1 AW1 do?! Check out the video for specs on Nikon’s latest consumer camera evolution. Interchangeable waterproof lenses, 15 … More »

Scipio 3mm Front Zip Fullsuit

Screen shot 2012-11-03 at 12.27.17 PM

Matuse makes some of the best wetsuits in the world. Their suits Geoprene construction is warmer and lighter than neoprene, and because they are made from limestone rather than petroleum, they are also better for the environment. The Scipio 3mm … More »

Patagonia Hawke’s Bay Jacket

patagonia jacket review hawke's bay

Patagonia makes some of the highest quality clothing and equipment on the market, and they have a great business model to back it up. The new Hawke’s Bay jacket looks awesome. It’s not built for skiing, climbing, or hiking, like … More »

John Maher Photography

201 John Maher Copyright 2014 Photo Image Picture Photograph Photography004

Fine Art Photography for Collections and Interior Design – JohnMaherPhoto.com Recently released my new photography website, JohnMaherPhoto.com, and am thrilled to be working with Mimi Kotter, who is representing my work as well as helping to direct the fine art … More »

Sol Raiz Organics Maca Powder

Screen shot 2012-01-20 at 1.00.32 PM

I found out about Maca while on a solo trek through the Andes Mountains, six years ago.  A Shaman friend of mine was swearing by the health benefits of this plant (Maca) that I had never heard of.  He told … More »

Volkswagen Microbus

volkswagen, new, mini, bus, minibuss, mini bus, van, hippy, sleep, seats, engine, review, image, photo, picture, best, car, hungry, walrus

This new bus looks pretty neo-classic. Volkswagen Microbus 2014 is ready to show. I hear it will be built in Europe and become the competitor of Honda Adyddey, Nissan Quest, and also Toyota Sienna. Volkswagen Microbus 2014 will start from … More »

Triton Artificial Gill

Triton, Artificial, Breathing, Apparatus, SCUBA, Lung, Air, Gill, Human, Underwater, Review, New, Hungry Walrus, Dive

The Triton artificial gill seems just be to good to be true. If it really does work, or exist for that matter, I’m sure everyone in the water world would be creating quite the buzz about it, and I stumbled … More »

Matuse Hachi & Forza Hood Sale

Matuse, Hood, Review, Best, Surfing, Surf, DIve, Swim, Cold, Water, Protection, Sun, John Maher

The 2mm Matuse Hachi Squid Lid is a light, comfortable, and warm hood that I use all the time. It’s perfect for Southern California winter swims and surf sessions. Right now Matuse is having a sale on the Hachi. Check … More »

Arbor Snowboards – Roots & Icon Collection

Arbor Snowboards, Review, Best, Snowboards, Reccommendation, Hungry Walrus, Arbor, Wasteland, Element, Roundhouse, Wood, Pro, Best

Getting ready to shred new lines through fresh pow?! The season’s just about to get kicked off. Mammoth is open, and the rest of the resorts should be ready to go in another few weeks. Some of the Roots Collection. … More »

Best Health Insurance – Bad Dog

Bad Dog Insurance, Gail Ross

We live active lifestyles, and I know well from experience that it pays to be covered when it all goes down. After searching far and wide for the most comprehensive and cost-effective health insurance available, I got a recommendation to … More »