Pisac Spirit Quest

No one was allowed to enter the sacred ruins at Pisac.

The Pisac ruins are located in the mountains six hours away from Machu Picchu. Even though the area was closed to visitors, I was determined to see it. I went out and found a local to show me how to get up the mountain and into the ruins. For some reason, I was drawn to Pisac more than the other ruins in the Valley of the Incas.

Standing with my local guide in the center of the Pisac ruins as the sun went down was amazing. I had a full-on spiritual awakening at that moment. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for life.

The community who built Pisac set up continuously flowing irrigation channels for their crops, showers, and drinking water. The channels flow perfectly and appear from stones out of nowhere. They run like a never-ending faucet out of walls that make up homes and temples.

The community also built precise sundials that line up with engraved eagles through perfectly measured gaps carved into walls. The eagle shows completely at noon on the summer solstice.

It was an experience of a lifetime to get to explore this region and I learned a lot about the Incas and a lot about myself.

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