El Buey

I was paddle surfing El Buey for a while. Got some incredible waves out there. El Buey is a perfect left until it gets to 10 feet; then it turns into a hollow right.

After a week or so paddling El Buey, I met this dude Kurt who owns a hostel I stayed at in Arica. Kurt loves to tow-surf and has a couple old Jet Skis on the ready. Kurt asked me to tow with him during a big swell and we had a blast.

It was kind of nice to tow-surf out there. El Buey breaks more than a quarter-mile out to sea, and there are the biggest sea lions I have ever seen in my life feeding out there. The sea lions scream this hideous roar, unlike the bark of the California sea lions, and were rushing me on the surface before diving under my board in the lineup every day. At El Buey I was more scared of those animals, and the ones that eat them, than I was of the actual wave—and the wave is heavy!

The sea lions look like cross-breeds between the California sea lion and a walrus. They have giant foreheads and are twice as big as any sea lion I have ever seen anywhere else in the world.

El Buey is an incredibly good, uncrowded big wave. I hope to get back and surf it again soon.

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