Recent Fiji Trip

Here are a handful of photos Scott Winer and I took during my last trip to Fiji.


Contrary to popular belief, Tavarua has plenty of beautiful girls hanging out. We’re always drinking kava with the locals. Rusty, Karley, and I caught dinner for the island.

My good friend Bila got married during this last trip. His wedding was traditional and a pleasure to attend. Right after the wedding, a giant rainstorm hit and I was stuck in the submerged village for a couple of days. It was a lot of fun. We feasted on local dishes and partied in the jungle.

Machado was listening to music through his waterproof mp3 player while he surfed. Rob Machado was riding a 5’1″ singlefin most of the time. Here he is surfing Restaurants all alone.

We set off in a seaplane in search of perfect, undiscovered waves along the Great Sea Reef in northern Fiji. We found some small surf and ended up spearfishing some incredible areas. We also visited some traditional villages that specialize in pearl farming.

Some of the islands we came across still have villages whose customs have remained untouched. The natives have had no interaction with the outside world. The villages continue to battle over fishing rights and may even practice cannibalism to this day.

All of those pearls together cost about the price of one in the States.

David Rastavitch showed up with his wife and friend to do a mermaid photo shoot. It was pretty entertaining.

One of the new boatmen I was working with this trip got kicked off the island for acting like an idiot. I was forced to apologize on his behalf to a group of 40 Billabong executives. It was uncomfortable. Tavarua management doesn’t put up with any lame employees.

I found that boatman two weeks later on the main island of Viti Levu. He was wasted and living in a shack near some mosquito-infested mangroves.

Every time I go to Tavarua I have the time of my life and experience something new and exciting.

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