The inside section of Cloudbreak is called Shishkabobs for good reason. The reef at Shishkabobs is incredibly shallow and sharp. The waves are more powerful through this section of reef than anywhere else along the point.

If you wipe out surfing Shishkabobs, there is a good chance you will get really hurt. The beatings are violent because the waves have no backs and explode into one foot of water over razor-sharp coral. After the initial beatdown, there are usually 10 or 15 following waves that you wear on your head while lying on the dry reef.

Granted, it is not always extremely dangerous, but when it’s over six feet at low tide and the swell has west in it, you better make your Shishkabobs barrel!

I have had to rescue so many surfers off the reef in there. It’s hectic.

Photo: Tom Carey

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