Bali is sweet. The majority of the population is Hindu, so everyone is really nice. The locals are very spiritual. The cliffs, caves, and lush greenery are surrounded by large reefs, clean water, and perfect waves—once you get out of Kuta.

Bali is a place that everyone should visit with kindness and leave with gratitude. It is one of those places where you find lasting friendships and overall joy. It’s too difficult to describe the feeling of Bali in words; you just have to go and experience it for yourself.

All you need is a scooter, your surfboard, and a sense of adventure. Every surfer should experience Bali at some time in their life. It is inexpensive and has waves to suit everyone.

I recommend getting out of Kuta Beach as soon as you arrive in Bali. Kuta is hectic. The Bukit, Sanur, and Changu are nice places to hang out and surf.

Bali is a trip; there’s all kinds of spiritual energy over there. Some people will venture into some dark ritual zones and drink cobra blood for power.

If you want to party, the nightlife goes off.  You can surf all day and party all night if you want to.

Other than surfing, there are cool rice fields in Ubud, a radical volcano to the north, and beautiful Hindu temples all over the place. Bali is an island where you leave your troubles behind and just have a good time.

If you go, fly Singapore Airlines because boards are free, flight attendants are hot, and the food is good. Since the travel time is roughly 24 hours from LAX (including a short layover in Japan and Singapore), it pays to fly a nice airline even if it costs a little extra.

Bali rules. Terima kasih!

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