Seaweed Farmers

Took off on my scooter real early in the morning to check a secret wave outside of a seaweed farm. The wave wasn’t working, but the seaweed farmers were. We hung out for a while and I learned how to cultivate the stuff.

It was interesting to see how the whole process worked. The men would push out over these giant tide-pools on these little rafts, using a stick to get moving. When they got to these handwoven nets that were held in place by sticks, they would get off the rafts and pick the seaweed by hand. After loading the vibrant green seaweed onto the rafts, they would push to the beach and load up buckets to walk the seaweed up the beach. The women would then clean the seaweed and either hang it up in the sun to dry or stash it in piles under the shade. There must be two kinds of ways to eat or use the stuff.

Even though the secret wave wasn’t working, it was cool to hang with the locals and learn a thing or two about seaweed farming in Indonesia. I took these photos an hour after sunrise, and the farmers had been working since first light. They work all day, every day.

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