Bukit Tragedy

I was driving my motorbike up the hill from Kuta beach to Uluwatu and came upon this accident five minutes after it happened.

Some bodies were still there, but they were too dead to save. The police have a station a block from the scene and sent most of the critically injured down the hill to the hospital in the back of citizen’s pickup trucks right before I got there.

As time went on, hundreds of people came with news cameras. The community was rocked by this out-of-control, fully loaded dump truck.

Locals told me six were killed at first, and a few days later they reported it was 18 who were killed.

The driver of the truck was never found after he bailed out. His sandals were found stuck in the pedals.

One body was dragged under the truck for 50 yards and pinned dead for hours. It was a really heavy situation.

If I had not taken a quick break during the long motorbike ride from town, I very well may have been at that spot during the crash.

Sorry for the community and the families involved. Very terrible and very sad.

It sucks that there is so much hotel construction going on in Bali, and on the Uluwatu Bukit in particular. Every day there are hundreds of dump trucks running up and down the hill loaded with supplies and rubble, causing all kinds of traffic, noise, and pollution. These big hotels they are building tower over traditional villages. Get to Bali now, before it’s completely covered in cement.

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