Iliesa: Rest in Peace, My Father

Iliesa, my Fijian father and friend, suddenly passed away the other day. The passing of loved ones always begs the question, “What really matters in life?”

Ili had the biggest heart in the world. He was one of the kindest people I had ever known and was a huge positive influence on everyone in his village and everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him.

We called him “The Minister” and “Evander.” He was always laughing and doing something special for someone else. Ili loved singing, playing music, dancing, and entertaining company.

He was so down to earth, and if you had an issue you could always go to him, because he would listen carefully and give you honest, straightforward advice.

Iliesa was a giver, and he had a wisdom about him that many of us may never know.

I love and miss you, Ili. Your heart and smile will be with us forever.

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