Tavarua Free Fall: Travel Insurance

The island of Tavarua in Fiji has given me many unique experiences, memories, and stories throughout the years, but this is one I will never forget.



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4 Responses to Tavarua Free Fall: Travel Insurance

  1. J. Bush says:

    I have read this before and it scares me every time.
    You live an amazing life and I am happy for you. By the way I purchased
    Travelers insurance from this company for Savannah when she went to Europe.
    Fortunately she didn’t need it but they will get my business always because of how
    they took care of you.

  2. John L says:

    Heavy story, thanks for sharing. A true testament as to why we should all carry travel insurance on our surfing adventures around the world

  3. Dylan says:

    Wow, really heavy story man. So glad that it has worked out and that you’re back out in the water.
    Love the site and what you’re doing here.

  4. Autumn says:

    Good lesson on Travel Insurance. Glad you are okay in the end. I’ve been there many times and even stayed in that Tree House…glad the rail held up then, but sorry to hear about your injury. Sounds like a nightmare. Glad some good came out of it for you though.

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