“Watch Andy”

I asked Shane Dorian how to ride the barrel backside no-handed while we were working Tavarua together. I couldn’t believe the pits he was making.

Shane straight-up told me, “Watch Andy.”

A year or so later, I happened to be on Tavarua when the Irons brothers were there. The surf got really good and gnarly, and while I was paddling back out to the takeoff spot next to Andy, I asked him. He stared me straight in the eyes and said, “It depends on the wave.”

He was always so powerful, relaxed, and natural-looking in the water. At Cloudbreak he seemed completely in tune with the universe. He was so inspirational to surf with — one of my favorite surfers in the world. Andy was superhuman in his element and always really cool to me when we were not surfing.

Ten minutes after asking Andy, I watched him do the most insane no-handed layback through one of the heaviest barrels of the day. It was one of the most radical things I have ever seen a surfer do.

As he came flying out of the draining barrel, I thought to myself, “Oh my god, that’s what Shane was talking about when he said, ‘Watch Andy.'”

Thank you so much for that moment, Andy; it is one I will never forget. There are so many people who you have influenced and moved with your abilities and huge heart. We all miss you.

Just watch Andy. AI forever.

Photo:  Maher by Scott Winer.

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