Chapter 1: Matuse Wetsuit Jacket

Old school meets progressive with the Matuse Chapter 1 wetsuit jacket. This is one of the warmest wetsuit jackets on the market. The Chapter 1 is made out of Hydrasilk, an ultra-smooth windbreaker material that feels buttery soft.

The seams are glued and blind stitched, keeping the water out and the suit flexible. The suit comes with a mini back zipper, so it peels off easily, and when worn you won’t even notice the zipper is there. The Chapter 1 is a warm, comfortable, geo-sensitive, rash-free wetsuit jacket.

The Chapter 1 comes in both short and long sleeves and, like all of Matuse wetsuits, is made from limestone instead of petroleum, which keeps it light and comfortable. Although I like both the short- and long-sleeve designs, I tend to wear my long-sleeve jacket the most. I like the added warmth and protection from the elements that come with the sleeves.

I also like how the Chapter 1 offers the perfect amount of warmth and protection in water around 65 to 70 degrees, which is the typical Southern California water temp. I love the freedom of surfing in boardshorts, even if the water is cool, so the Chapter 1 really helps out with that.

The Chapter 1 is a great jacket if you want to block out the wind completely, since the outside smoothy is completely windproof. The black smoothie heats up incredibly fast when the sun hits it, and the suit doesn’t absorb much water, so it’s always ultra light and dry feeling.

I dig how the suit has an old-school vibe with the comfort of the finest wetsuit materials on the market. Seems like a lot of brands are making flashy neon futurama designs that look tech, but in reality are just soggy and standard.

Matuse is the future of wetsuits, and they take a soulful approach to their technologically advanced designs. It’s good style.

If you live in California through the summer, this jacket works great morning, noon, and night. It’s also nice when you’re cracking it early in Hawaii. It’s a classic design with complete comfort — kind of like the Rolls Royce of wetsuit jackets.

Aside from surfing, I really like it when I’m lifeguarding on the rescue ski, because when the sun hits the suit it is like turning up a thermostat, and when I’m hauling ass on a call, it completely blocks out the wind at 50 mph.

I even put one of these jackets underneath my T-shirt when I was driving a scooter to surf the other side of Bali real early in the morning, and it worked fantastic.

The Chapter 1 is a classic and comfortable jacket that will keep you warm and looking stylishly vintage.

Click here to read another guy’s Chapter 1 review that’s two years outdated but still might be of interest to you. Not sure what his credibility is.

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A lighter and thinner alternative to the Chapter 1 is the Matuse 2103 wetsuit jacket, which is another awesomely stylish, comfortable, and warm addition to the line.

Photo: Puerto Lonnie

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