Fujinon 7X50 FMTR-XS Marine Binoculars

fujinon binocularsFrom Fujinon: “Designed for use in severe environments, these binoculars meet the high demand for functionality, ruggedness and water resistance.”

Fujinon hit the nail on the head with that statement. They are my number-one “go-to” binoculars. I like everything about them, other than the weight.

After using all kinds of binoculars at work day in and day out for the past 15 years, I have found these to be the best bang for the buck. Fujinon FMTR-SX 7×50 Polaris Water Proof Marine Binoculars are the most common binoculars used by most professional lifeguarding agencies.

Lots of binoculars suck and can give you gnarly headaches after looking through them all day long, so it’s important to have a nice pair like these Fujinons.

Fujinon 7X50s are really versatile: you can use them to get an extreme close-up of someone struggling in a rip current right off the shoreline, or to get a crystal-clear view of whales breaching or a bird pile from miles away.

They are a little bit heavy (3.3 pounds), so they are not the best binos for throwing in your backpack for the day, or for outdoorsmen on real long treks, but if you are posted up in a lifeguard tower, on the deck of a boat, or in your car, they are ideal.

Going for around $600, they are not inexpensive, but when compared to similarly classed models made by the other leading manufacturers, they are still cost effective.

They easily adjust to fit everyone’s face, from little kids to big, fat pumpkin heads. The lenses are really high quality, ultra clear, and let in plenty of bright light to illuminate your subject. The rubber casing is ideal for the workplace and marine environment.

I beat the crap out of my Fujinons, dropping them to make rescues and whatnot. At work we are constantly handing them off to upward of 15 different lifeguards throughout the day, who all have different head shapes and focal preferences, and through all of the abuse, Fujinons hold up for years.

Check the specs if you want more.

If $600 is out of your budget, I would go with the Fujinon Nautilus 7X50 ARC-SX Rubber Armored Marine binoculars for $380. They are great binoculars as well.

If you want to go even cheaper, the Fujinon 7X50mm Mariner WP-XL Individual Focus Marine binos go for $160.

If you have lots of dough and will take really good care of your binoculars, another brand I highly recommend going with is a pair of really lightweight, crystal-clear lenses made by Swarovski.

Swarovski binocularsSwarovski makes some of the best optics in the world, but a good binocular will run you around $2,000. It is incredible how much bright light these nitrogen-filled lenses let in, making every subject stand out in crystal-clear detail. Since Swarovski binoculars are really small and light, they are ideal for backpackers.

fujinon binoculars for the marine environmentIf you are looking for binoculars that will last forever, even when taking copious amounts of abuse around the water, $600 is not that big of an investment for the Fujinon 7X50s. If you’re investing in saving lives, or catching fish for a living, Fujinon 7X50 FMTR-XS binoculars might be the optics best for you.

fujinon binoculars for the marine environmentHere is a photo of some Fujinon 7X50s that we have beat up pretty good. They are 8 years old and are used 12 hours a day, every day. The rubber coating has been torn and removed, and we have used duct tape to secure one of the optics. Even the metal is worn, and the eye-piece frames are chipped.

Awesome thing is, they still work great.

Here are some good VS reviews with the Fujinon 7X50.

Fujinon vs Swarovski
Fujinon vs Vixen Ultima

If you’re interested in purchasing Fujinon FMTR-SX 7×50 Polaris Water Proof Marine Binoculars, please consider using the Amazon.com links provided. You’ll get some of the lowest prices available, and I’ll get a small commission to keep the Hungry Walrus fed.

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2 Responses to Fujinon 7X50 FMTR-XS Marine Binoculars

  1. jesse kemble says:

    The top choice for all San Diego fishermen as well!

  2. John Maher says:

    Just found out that the Scripps Institution of Oceanography research vessels use the Fujinon 7X50s to study the migration patterns of whales, dolphin, and tuna.

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