Philo 1mm: Matuse Wetsuit Jacket

The Philo is the one of the best wetsuit jackets of all time. Made out of limestone-based Geoprene, the Philo is ultra comfortable, light, and warm. It’s the perfect travel jacket because it works great in both cool and really warm water. Its practical design covers a wide temperature spectrum. The Philo’s durable construction also works as a great defense against painful reef lacerations caused by violent wipeouts and against UV rays throughout your sun-drenched sessions.

The Philo’s ergonomic sweeping shoulder design is ideal for maximizing paddle reach. Its Geoprene and Hydra Silk material design is similar to the rest of the Matuse collection, keeping the wind out, warmth in, and comfort high. It has a short back zipper that isn’t noticeable when worn, but efficient for putting on and removing the suit.

Lots of my friends are wearing them on the North Shore of Oahu and love the jacket as much as I do. It comes with me everywhere I go, and if I had a choice of having one wetsuit jacket, the Philo would certainly be it.

I like everything about this jacket. I do my best to find faults and needed improvements when testing gear, but I have no Philo complaints whatsoever. When asked for feedback and constructive criticism from Matuse, I couldn’t come up with anything, because they really slammed the nail on the head with this jacket.

Even though they may cost more than most wetsuit jackets, at $129 you certainly get what you pay for. I feel the quality-to-price ratio is better than fair; it’s outstanding.

Maher using the Philo jacket in Fiji.
Photos:  Scott Winer

Check out the Matuse website for more info.

Here is a link to a different guy’s Matuse Philo review, with a short video at the bottom of his post if you’re looking for more Philo reviews.


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  1. John,
    AWESOME!! congrats on such a great idea and website. Let me know if there is anything I can do to bring you and your products more biz. Too Cool.
    Much Aloha,
    Cheers, Will

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