Shiseido Face Stick SPF 35

I always carry a Shiseido Sun Stick with me when I go to the beach or get on the boat. This stick is the top-of-the-line sunscreen, containing thiotaurine, a free-radical-neutralizing antioxidant. Shiseido’s products are also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV sunscreen. Apparently Shiseido is the oldest cosmetic company in the world.

I’ve been using this sunscreen for five years with great results. It was introduced to me by some little wealthy kids who came down to surf Tavarua with their hot and well-taken-care-of mom. She was on it way before the surfers were. I couldn’t help but notice that after 10 hours a day in the hot Fiji sun, neither the kids nor their mother were getting sunburned.

This sunscreen is makeup, literally. It is designed in Japan for women who want to take really good care of their skin. It is sold in high-end department stores, such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, so you have to go to the mall to get it. All the hot chicks at the makeup counter will laugh and tease you when you buy it, but that’s part of the Shiseido experience. You can also order it online if you’re over that whole makeup-counter experience.

I spend every single day in and out of the water, outside in the sunshine, and after going through every single sunscreen on the market, I have found the Shiseido face stick to be one of the absolute best sun-protection products for my face.

The face stick is also great because you can get it in every little crevice on your face, such as under your eyebrows and even on your eyelids, and it will never rub into your eyes or burn. It stays on your lips all day long in the water, which is really important to prevent that dreaded herpes look.

It is also surprisingly dry on your skin, so I have never broken out with zits after using it. The Shiseido face stick comes in two shades: tan and tanner. Being a white guy, the lighter of the two shades looks less aggressive on my face.

Shiseido also makes a great line of white, creamy sunscreen that rubs in clear and is great on your neck and ears, but if you are covering your entire back, it could get a little costly.

For my back, arms, and legs, I use Banana Boat SPF 50 or Headhunter SPF 35. Both of those brands last a long time in the water and are good sunscreens. I would use the other creamy Vertra and Shiseido sunscreen products for my appendages if I could afford to, but I can’t, so I use Banana Boat and Headhunter, which work fine.

If you want a comparable face stick to Shiseido, Vertra is making a really good face stick as well.

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4 Responses to Shiseido Face Stick SPF 35

  1. Sun Lover says:

    Shiseido is great and I use it when spending hours in direct sunlight. However, my girlfrind doesn’t use it because she doesn’t want to look like a “ghost”. Does the Vertra Kona Gold also give you the “ghost” look?

  2. John Maher says:

    Sun Lover,

    Vertra face sticks (such as Kona Gold), and Shiseido, have similar tan color tints.

    Some of the other white cream Vertra, Headhunter, or Shiseido products might work great for your girlfriend. Most of them rub in transparent, and won’t burn your eyes.

    Check back for the latest dependable sun care product reviews.

    Anyone have other sunscreen recommendations for Sun Lover and the rest of us?

  3. david fountain says:

    Try Sun Putty – 100% natural skin-loving SPF30 sunscreen…it is awesome. Sun Putty is great broad-spectrum protection and helps my skin tremendously. All outdoors travelers and sportsmen should use it.

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