Monster Beats Tour Hi-Res Earbuds by Dr. Dre

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones from Monster are binaural earbuds that will keep yo’ head ringin’.

Binaural basically means two different tone frequencies (one in each ear) perceived by the brain as one natural beating tone. Binaural frequencies are said to help induce relaxation, meditation, and creativity, as well as reduce anxiety and help to control pain.

The sound that the Monster Beats Tour driver pushes out is outstanding. These earbud headphones completely block external noise. All you hear is pure music, with deep bass, static-free highs, and natural vocals.

I listen to my music loud, and with most earbud headphones I still hear dogs barking, car alarms, and people making noise around me. This is not the case with Monster Beats Tour Hi-Res Earbuds by Dr. Dre. I used them for the first time at a small party and was dumbfounded. I didn’t pick up any external party noise whatsoever.

One of the unique and functional features about the Beats Tour earbuds is the revolutionary, patent-pending flat-cable design. The Dura-Flex cable jacket is tough yet remains flexible, while the flat profile eliminates annoying tangles and snarls.

The right-angle input jack is another functional detail Dr. Dre added to these earbuds. It helps keep the profile low and the jack in place.

Apparently it took over three years to develop the technology that makes Beats Tour bass so big. I believe it, because it sounds like there is a monster subwoofer in your head!

The Beats come with five pairs of different-size earbud tips—three cone tips and two Christmas-tree tips—so you can get the comfortable and secure fit that maximizes your music and blocks external noise. My ear canals got wider after having surfer’s ear surgery, so I really appreciate that I can get the big, perfect fit with the Beats’ interchangeable earbud selection.

Only thing they could have done better with the Beats would be shortening the earbuds.  The earbuds are almost twice as long as most other brands on the market. Maybe they need to be designed that way to put out the high-quality sound, but the length may bug some listeners when leaning against windows and pillows.

Beats by Dr. Dre Tour High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones from Monster are powerful, distortion-free headphones.

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