POD Advanced Series Leg Ropes

The crew from POD Australia just sent a link to check out their latest surf-leash technology.

The stress-test video demonstrates the incredible strength of POD leashes and got me really psyched to try one out in big surf.  The leash looks pretty awesome.

After watching the video a few times I am pretty baffled by the strength of the leash, but have a few concerns about the incredible 6X stretch capabilities.

I’m not saying that POD leashes have any of the following characteristics, but many brands making overly stretchy leashes do.

Leashes that have incredible stretch often times recoil, shooting the board back at the surfer. I have had to visit the hospital because of leash recoil on multiple occasions.

Having an overly stretchy leash can also be dangerous because they tend to hold the surfer’s board underwater longer than standard-stretch leashes that break. This “tombstone” can be very dangerous and result in longer underwater hold-downs.

My final concern with an overly stretchy leash is that they tend to get “shot out” (stretched out) after a session or two. All of a sudden your 6-foot leash is 12 feet long.

Photo: My board tombstoning with my head back left. Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

I’ve never used any POD products. Maybe their technology is so advanced that they have built the best leash on the market.

I need to try this leash and let you know how it worked firsthand.

Until then, check out POD on the Web.

If you have used any POD products, please let us know how they worked for you in our comments section below.

From POD:

“POD Original Series Leg Ropes are produced with Premium Grade Components, designed for total freedom of movement in the ocean without the loss of reliability between a surfer and their surfboard.

“The surfboard leash has two moulded insert 316 marine grade stainless steel swivels at each end of the urethane cord combined with a detachable rail saver ensures maximum strength in surf conditions and the double padded neoprene strap allows for extra comfort around the ankle.


Key pocket
Detachable rail saver
Precision moulded fittings
Double padded neoprene strap
7.0 Maximum strength urethane
2 Stainless swivel & set screws”

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4 Responses to POD Advanced Series Leg Ropes

  1. I have used the pod legropes over the past year or so, and they are up there with the best i have used – in waves from 2 – 8 feet plus. So in saying this, the new model ( i think its new??) in the video, could be one of the strongest legropes on the market / ever made?? When are they avaliable? and in what countries? i want one!! jn

  2. John Maher says:

    That’s awesome Joseph, fired up to try some out. POD has a contact section on their site but since they are out of Australia, shipping is probably crazy expensive. Hopefully they have a distributor in the states. Let you know if I find one. Yew!

  3. barkj says:

    The rope wont break, but something small will for sure based on my experience with 3 models of leg ropes from this company.Im feeling ripped off by http://www.podware.com.au…or POD who do the crappiest LEG ROPES for surfboards i have ever used. Sent 6 back that all broke due to screws coming out, paid $70 to get 6 new ones (at cost), they are all now breaking due to a similar very small issue within 6 months. I threw good money after bad and that really annoys me. Dont buy them or anything else you see from this place. You’ve been warned.

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