Electric Chambered Travel Pack

The Electric Chambered Urban Travel Bag is a step up from a standard-size backpack. It’s big enough to hold all your goods and still fits in the overhead compartment.

The Electric Chambered Urban Travel Bag is ideal for surfers and great for trekking. Whether you’re camping or you’re cruising through the city, the pack’s practical size accommodates all surf-travel needs.

The pack is durable, comfortable, and functional. All you need is the Chambered and your board bag and you’re good to go anywhere in the world.


10.5″ x 22″ x 14.5″


Retro quilt
Metal badge
Large main compartment with interior organizers
Lined and padded laptop compartment with side access
Fits up to 17-inch notebook
Easy-access top compartment
Sunglass compartment
Back compartment for passport and valuables, with organizers
Side pocket with organizers
Bottom pocket lined with tarp

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