Headhunter SPF 30+ Sunscreen

Headhunter makes some of the best sunscreen on the market. It is designed by surfers, for surfers.

The SPF 30 clear/white “surfscreen” rubs on easily and stays on through your longest surf sessions. Tested and proven in the water for over 20 years, Headhunter is a high-quality sunscreen that I highly recommend.

I use it every day while working as a lifeguard in San Diego, as well as when I’m surfing, diving, and on the boats in Tavarua, Fiji.

Formulated with both FDA-approved UVA and UVB filters to offer true broad-spectrum protection.

Non-migrating (stays where you apply it)
Will not sting your eyes
Engineered for water repellency and “waveproofing”
Combines both physical and chemical blocks to ensure complete coverage
Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)


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3 Responses to Headhunter SPF 30+ Sunscreen

  1. Diane Smith says:

    This is an excellent product. I use it on my face and body whenever I go to the beach and it protects me better than other sunblocks I have tried. I have some pre-cancerous areas on my skin that need special protection when in the sun and I highly recommend Head Hunter to do just that!

  2. Big Tony says:

    Headhunter’s great stuff, and affordable.

  3. Jan Irwin says:

    Great product and easy to use.

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