Bula Cloudbreak Tavarua Fiji

Surf was fun yesterday—there were just four of us at Cloudbreak.

Wasn’t as good as the photos above, which were taken during my last stint, but it was still awesome. I put these photos up to get psyched for the swell coming tomorrow.

Bula vinaka vaka levu, Cloudbreak.

Photo: John Maher by Scott Winer

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2 Responses to Bula Cloudbreak Tavarua Fiji

  1. Ken Fielding says:

    Scott ,man your a lucky bugger, i had the pleasure of camping at tavarua in 81,, for a month a fantastic experience, we got dropped off by Rasheed an indian fisherman and expert low tide lobster gatherer, took all our own food and water ended up living on rice and fish, my travelling companion Ian has been back a few times on his yacht North wind over the years, first time they werent going to let him surf Restuarants. i made a trip with him 5 years ago, sailed round Kadavu and Frigates area in his 33 footer, thankgod there are still uncrowded spots to be surfed. we never thought of exploiting any spots we came across, we might be a bit poorer for it, we treated it as a gift not a right. Times have changed we are in our mid 50s but we havent lost the stoke of what might be round that next headland, most surfers now want instant gratification, fly in, wheres the dope, and why isnt the surf pumping?? The world is never as it was but we can make it better, stay lucky PS we never surfed cloudbreak, never knew it was there , give our regards to Rasheed some of the older fellas might remember him he worked there in the early days bula vinaka

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