Expand-A-Lung is designed to strengthen respiratory muscles, allowing for greater lung capacity. After using Expand-A-Lung on a regular basis (three minutes a day), all physical activities become easier. It’s great for breath-holding and surfing.

How it works:

Take long, slow breaths. The little black knob can be turned for different degrees of difficulty (air-flow resistance).

Aside from making lungs stronger, Expand-A-Lung also forces your body to relax when starved for air—a huge plus for surfers who take long, violent hold-downs and freedivers stalking fish.

Why I recommend it:

It’s cool because it can be used while watching TV, sitting at your desk, or checking the surf. It’s really small, so it’s easy to travel with.

There are other stationary lung-strengthening products on the market, but Expand-A-Lung is smaller, has fewer parts, and is less complicated to use than the others.

This is in no way intended to replace physical activity, but rather to improve it.

Expand-A-Lung costs $30 online.

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