Cressi Sub Gara Freediving Fins

Cressi Sub Gara fins are for deep freediving. They’re durable fins with comfortable foot pockets and rigid blades.

Cressi Sub Gara fins work great for me, but before buying fins it’s a good idea to try on a few different brands to see which manufacturer’s foot pocket is most comfortable for you. Riffe and Omer are two of the other leading freediving fin makers.

Cressi Sub Gara freediving fins get you deep and save energy, allowing for longer submersion.

Best Styles:

Gara Professional, Gara 3000 LD, Gara 2000 HF


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One Response to Cressi Sub Gara Freediving Fins

  1. Jesse says:

    Best fins. Got the Gara 2000 HF 4 years ago. Slip-ons are the best….no hang ups in the kelp!

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