Matuse Scipio BlackZERO Fullsuit

Due to the suit’s Silver Channels and BlackZERO technology, the Matuse Scipio is the warmest and most comfortable 3mm wetsuit in the water.

From Matuse:


This unique material is Geoprene with an other-worldly coating. The coating ensures that blackZERO Geoprene absorbs no water and – better yet – none, nada, zilch, ZERO of your body heat. For this reason, blackZERO reflects your heat back inward – meaning that none of the precious warmth you work so hard for escapes the comfy confines of your ichiban.

Silver Channels

The Scipio has silver channels in the arms that lessen the locomotive process of water and/or air inside the suit. Essentially it prevents water and air from moving around and helps the body save energy by NOT having to warm water over and over again. The channels are strategically placed in the arms and shoulders to maximize flexibility and maintain positive circulation to the finger tips.

Hidden Chamber Technology

Geoprene with built-in air chambers. Warmer, lighter & more buoyant than average mouse-pad neoprene.

Winged Shoulders

Human engineered seams enable paddling harmony yet provide a static neck to minimize torque that causes chaffing and flushing.

Saddle Seat

Inspired by jet-ski suits, this panel is designed to withstand many-a-swell spent straddling. Better yet, the Saddle Seat’s form-active design keeps your undercarriage happy because it won’t ride up.

Latent Mini-Zip

Provides lateral movement and lowers resistance (as well as time spent getting in & out of your ichiban game).

External Key Pocket

Located just above the outer left knee. Includes elastic loop cord, mini-pocket and zipper closure. This allows you to access your key without having to remove the top half of your suit.

Video of the Scipio.

Matuse Scipio

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