Leatherman Tools

Leatherman Multitool builds a tough and practical utility tool based off the original Swiss Army knife.

Leatherman Multitool’s are commonly used by travelers, campers, fishermen, hunters, tradesmen, bicyclists, drivers, cops, firefighters, and other emergency-service workers.

Needless to say, they are put to the test in a wide variety of demanding fields.

With over 80 styles and sizes to choose from, there is a good chance Leatherman builds a tool specifically for your most common needs.

I never travel without a Leatherman Multitool. They come in handy for something on every trip. They rarely rust and, even through constant use, they hold up for years. Keep one in your car, backpack, boat, toolbox, or first-aid kit, or on your belt.

If you’re planning on purchasing a Leatherman Multitool, please consider doing so through the site links provided.  You’ll get the lowest price and I’ll get a small commission to feed the Hungry Walrus.  The link goes to the New Wave (one of the most complete Leatherman designs), but it’s a good idea to shop around for the model perfect for you once your connected to Amazon.com through our affiliated link.

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