Rip Curl Mirage Owen Crew Boardshorts

The Mirage Owen Crew boardshorts are incredibly light, comfortable, and have the perfect amount of stretch. They fit loose for total mobility without snags, yet snug enough to stay on through violent wipeouts. Been wearing them all day long for the past week or so and they’re holding up tough. I’ve been rash free the entire time.

Something that might bother a consumer dropping $70 is that if you get the white-stripe color pattern, they stain really easily.

The only feedback I have for Rip Curl on the Mirage Owen Crew design would be improving the waistband so that the seams lie flat instead of having the slight roll. A good example of an ultra-comfortable flat waistband is the Hurley Nike Fly Wire boardshort technology.

Owen Features:

21-inch outseam
Engineered sublimation printing
STL technologies
Multi hi-density prints

Rip Curl Mirage Owen Crew Boardshorts

Top photo: Missy Tavarua

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