Matuse 2 mm Hachi Squid Lid

Winter is just around the corner. If you’re over ice-cream headaches and want a good product to help keep you warm while surfing in cold conditions, the 2 mm Hachi Squid Lid from Matuse is a great option.

The Hachi is unique because it’s ultra light, has smoothie and HydraSilk to block out the wind, and features a secure, comfortable, narrow chin-strap. The small visor won’t impair your vision or get in the way, and helps cut glare.

It is constructed out of the best geoprene on the market, which is 98 percent water impermeable, as opposed to neoprene,which is 65 percent water impermeable. Since it doesn’t absorb water, you won’t have water draining from the hood into your eyes and down your face.

I like wearing the Hachi Squid Lid during dawn-patrol sessions in Southern California. It keeps the wind out of your ears, helping to prevent surfer’s ear.

If you surf in really cold water, the Matuse Forza is a great option for an even warmer hood with an over-the-chin face seal and extended geoprene neck.

Hachi Squid Lid

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