Matuse Hoplite 3/2 mm Fullsuit

Fall is in full effect in California, so now is a great time to invest in a quality fullsuit for winter. The Matuse Hoplite 3/2 fullsuit is incredibly warm and comfortable. Like most of Matuse’s wetsuits, the Hoplite is made out of geoprene, a material that doesn’t absorb water like neoprene suits do. (Most wetsuits on the market are of neoprene construction.)

Since the Hoplite absorbs little water, it stays incredibly light and dries minutes after use. The small smoothie patch on the chest and back cuts down core windchill, but also allows for complete mobility.

Being an unrestricted high-flex design, the Hoplite ensures you spend your energy surfing rather than fighting your wetsuit as you paddle back to the lineup after each wave. I’ve used the Hoplite 3/2 for the past two winters in Southern California and it has worked incredibly well.

Matuse recently came out with the Scipio, which is pound for pound the warmest wetsuit on the market if you’re looking for similar options. Check the Hungry Walrus Scipio review, complete with a video from Matuse.

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