Sporasub Cryot Stiletto Knife

The Sporasub Cryot is one of the best dive knives I’ve used for spearfishing.

The high carbon content of the molybdenum chromium steel blade is one of the hardest found in dive blades.  The stainless steel base of the blade ends at the bottom of the handle, creating an incredibly strong and professional grade dive knife.  One side of the blade is serrated and the other is smooth so you have an edge for any cut you prefer.

Since the blade is hardened at extremely low temperatures and is treated cryogenically, it has great resistance to wear and corrosion.

The Cryot has two features specifically designed for spearfishermen.  There is a grove to lock the base of spear shafts into which helps the diver get leverage and pull the shaft out of caves and rocks that it gets stuck in.  There is also a hole in the handle that helps load pneumatic spearguns.

The sheath has an easy to use locking system with a safety to prevent loosing the knife.

Check out the Sporasub website for more.

Video:  Courtesy Sporasub.

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