FCS JW-1 Fins

The JW-1 is Julian Wilson’s signature FCS fin. He designed it to offer quick tail release for explosive performance surfing. Since Julian is an average size surfer, the fin is build for riders around 130 – 160 lbs.

The JW-1 is made of fiberglass, which gives the surfers tons of drive off the bottom, with just enough tip flex to do controlled lip tricks easily. Fiberglass fins feel stable and controllable under the feet.

If you are an average sized surfer who want’s a good fin to plug into any progressive shortboard, I recommend the JW-1.


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2 Responses to FCS JW-1 Fins

  1. JW-1 is suited for the rusty dozer or gtr? I’m 140lbs 5’11”

    • John Maher says:

      I usually ride wider base fins in my Dozer than in my GTR, although the JW – 1 should work well in both boards. They will probably ride perfect in the GTR, and a little bit loose and slidey in the Dozer.

      My favorite fins in the Dozer are K fins (FCS), or WCT (Futures). I did a review on them in my Dozer here http://www.hungrywalrus.com/2011/08/12/wct-futures-fins/ .

      Here’s the GTR review that I did and usually ride AM 1’s and AM 2’s in (narrow tips) http://www.hungrywalrus.com/2011/09/28/gtr-rusty-surfboards/

      Those are two perfect boards for Cali. The JW -1 will work great in both board models, I’d go for it.. and you might be able to get a free demo on a bunch of fins at your local surf shop to find what works best for you.. Rusty in La Jolla Shores has all kinds of new fins to demo.

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