Matuse Tumo 543 Hooded Fullsuit

Have had great results surfing really cold conditions in the Matuse Tumo 543 hooded fullsuit.  Have also tested the suits durability in big surf at Mavericks and El Buey, Chile, and am stoked it hasn’t blown open during violent wipeout’s.

It can be really dangerous when a suit blows open during a bad beating.  It’s really important that a suit handle’s, not only for comfort, but in some cases survival.  The Tumo hang’s tough in the big stuff.

Aside from surfing cold areas with big waves, I’ve also had the chance to do a ton of diving in the suit.  Swimming under 40 degree water for an hour at a time can easily give a diver hypothermia.  Since the Tumo has a chest zip and is made out of geoprene and hydrasilk, it stays warm for extended periods of time.

The Tumo 543 is 100% glued and blind stitched, and along with the chest entry and attached hood, will keep you incredibly warm and secure in the coldest of conditions. It’s a powerful trio that provides durability, flexibility and comfort.

The angled front-entry system is easy to get in and out of and is great for blocking water from flooding your suit. The titanium coated geoprene is ultra warm and buttery soft on the skin.

The geoprene is designed with built-in air chambers that is designed to capture the body’s radiant heat .  Geoprene is warmer, lighter, and more buoyant than average oil-based neoprene.

The Tumo has a saddle seat that’s inspired by Jet-ski suits. The butt panel is designed to withstand many-a-swell spent straddling, and won’t ride up.

Since the Tumo is lined with hydrasilk it won’t snag, doesn’t absorb water, and is just an all around great hooded wetsuit.

If you surf in the snow and could use even more warmth, check out the Matuse Tumo 654!

To order and see other great options check out the Matuse website.

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2 Responses to Matuse Tumo 543 Hooded Fullsuit

  1. Alex says:

    Ehh… If you’re in cold conditions you have to put on gloves and shoes as well… If you want to have it tested i n REALLY cold condotions, send it to me i Sweden. We have about 2 °C in the water nov-april and below in the air. The only thing that has worked is the Xcel 6.5.4, 8mm Xcel shoes, and thick mittens (five finger gloves does not work)

    • John Maher says:

      Thanks for the info Alex. A friend named Pat Millin tested the Matuse Tumo 654 surfing the winter months in Norway for a month and said it worked great. Chris Del Moro took the same suit to Antarctica and although he didn’t score great surf, he tested the suit paddling around the icebergs down there, pretty classic, don’t know you all you guys handle the cold so well! Dedication.

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