SAM Splint

SAM Splint‘s are great to keep in your car, boat, and in any oversize first-aid kit.  They are malleable splints that can be shaped for a custom fit, but are still rigid enough to function as a dependable splint.

We use SAM Splints all the time while lifeguarding.  They are great for splinting broken bones, sprained and strained joints, and work well for supporting dislocations.  SAM Splints adjust to fit ice-pack’s underneath them which helps decrease swelling.  They are also cut-able and re-usable.

SAM Splints roll up to easily fit into most compartments, and are great for splinting and immobilizing injuries on the way to the hospital.

The most boring viedo of your life, only watch it if your really interested in the splint.

If you need to immobilize and injury and don’t have a SAM Splint, look for something flat and rigid to make a splint out of.  I once used a big wooden spoon and some cloth napkins to immobilize a compound fracture of two broken bones in a young girls arm.  The nurse was stoked on it when we got to the hospital.

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