FCS K2.1 PC Fins

FinsK2.1 PC FCS fins are designed for average sized surfers (145 – 175 lb). This is Kelly Slater’s signature fin, which he designed for progressive, technical surfing.  They work insane.

PC stands for Performance Core – basically a light fin with fiberglass feel.  They are some of the best FCS fin’s I’ve ever used.  They won’t track like big fin’s have a tendency of doing, and have great drive and release.

Futures makes a fin called the WCT that are almost identical to the K2.1 outline.  If you have Future boxes in your board instead of FCS plugs, I recommend the WCT’s for a K2.1 feel.

FCS makes a scaled down version of the K2.1 PC called the K2.1 Grom, for young surfers and surfers under 120 lbs.  Another great small FCS fin for grom’s is the TP-G – if the K2.1 PC feels to wide for your weight.  The TP-G is a scaled down version of the original Timmy Patterson template, which is an all around perfect fin for every kind of surfing.

Only time I don’t recommend using the K2.1’s are when the surf is over 6 feet.  When the surf gets bigger I’ll plug in a longer fin like an AM2, so I have more control off the bottom and in the barrel.  For everyday surf the K2.1 is an incredible fin.

K2.1 FCS Link

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