Skorpio Freediving Fins

Flame’s are the newest freediving fins from the Italian C4 Skorpio brand.  Manufactured from 100% carbon-fiber, they are designed for the highest level of freediving.

Unlike most of my surf and dive gear posts, this is not a testimonial, I’ve never used these fins, but have heard from some really good divers that they work incredibly well.

Skorpio Flame’s are designed for diver’s who have already established an efficient freediving technique and require a reactive and snappy carbon-fiber blade to complement their dives.

Flame’s come in three different levels of stiffness, so you can get a blade that is ideal to your kick resistance preference.

Skorpio products are guaranteed for 24 months from the purchase date.

Technical Features:

Blade material: 100% carbon-fiber T700 + T300.
Blade dimensions: 800 x 195 mm.
Blade angle: 25°.
Available stiffness: 25-30-40.
Water rails: Straight, 12 mm height.
Foot pocket sizes: Euro 38/40 – 41/42 – 43/44 – 45/46 – 47/49.

Can’t wait to try them, but since they go new for around $349 USD, it could be a while!

For more information check out and this C4 Flame forum.

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