Biggest Wave Ever Ridden?

Did Garrett Mcnamara just ride the biggest wave in history?  Maybe.  I’m still a little bit skeptical of the pronounced claim.

A few years ago Mike Parsons, Greg Long and Grant “Twiggy” Baker surfed what was then, and may still be, the biggest waves ever ridden at the Cortez Bank – 100 miles off the coast of San Diego.

Only issue with the Cortez session was that the waves were so big that they prevented proper footage (taken from a rocky boat) of the true size of the waves surfed that day – unlike the perfect clip of GMac’s Portuguese bomb.

So, taking nothing away from Garrett Mcnamara and his incredibly giant wave ridden the other day, which may be the biggest in recorded history, but in my humble opinion may not be the biggest wave ever ridden by a surfer.

GMac is one of the most fearless big wave surfers in the world.  Huge congratulations for his latest accomplishment!

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