Mexican Bluegrass Blues

Rumor has it that the guys in this video went down to surf the featured Mexican points, took tons of photos, and wrote a really disrespectful article about the region that was published and read by hundreds of thousands of readers.

The Mexicans who control the area and were disrespected have since stated that no surfers are allowed to take photos or film in the area for the next two years. I read the article and didn’t think much about it, but apparently the Mexicans are pissed!

After watching the rough video, I’m not sure why Alex Knost gets paid to surf (maybe his retro style is marketable to a specific demographic), but he got to join a handful of guys on the trip to Oaxaca and surf some pretty fun waves.

Unlike most of the videos I post, this is not one of my favorites, but thought I would put it up because the backstory is entertaining enough.

The best part about the video is the last minute and the music.

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