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It doesn’t take a terrible beating at Pipeline or Mavericks to put a surfer in the hospital. Working as an EMT and lifeguard for over 13 years, I’ve seen terrible surf accidents even on the smallest of days.

Having specific emergency information on you can help save your life, but virtually no-one has an ID on them in the water.  That’s where Road ID come in.

Road ID is a simple laser engraved ID (available in a variety of bracelet, anklet, and dog tag models) that allows surfers to have their name, emergency contacts, and medical information on them at all times, so they will be properly taken care of in the event of an emergency.

Check out how easy it is to customize and personalize you Road ID:

Step 1:  Pick your tag style.  Out of the many choices of ID tags, I chose to go with the Wrist Slim because it’s the smallest ID in the lineup.

Step 2:  Customize your tag with the information you want emergency workers to know.  If you have medical conditions or are on medications, they would be great to list under your name and emergency contact.  I chose to go with travel identification information since I’m always on the road and usually alone.

Step 3:  Add any additional ID tags or wrist bands to your order.  They’re really inexpensive and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Step 4:  Rode ID gives back.  They’re an awesome company that helps others.  Rode ID automatically donates a portion of your purchase to those in need.  You can pick your charity and also make suggestions in this final stage.

My Road ID arrived three days after placing the order.  It’s really affordable, fits comfortably, and looks good.  It doesn’t interfere with my surfing or any other activities whatsoever, and I’m stoked on my Road ID for piece of mind.

My body has been found naked and unconscious after suffering a serious accident while traveling overseas in the past, and having an ID on me with medical details would have been really helpful for rescue and insurance workers.

When responding to serious medical and near drowning calls on duty as a lifeguard, it would be great to know important information about unresponsive victims allergies, medications, history, and emergency contact information.

Check out all of Road ID’s great products at – they can help save your life.

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  1. Bought one a year ago and haven’t taken it off since.I usually ride(Bike) long distances and never carry an ID or a phone.I know if something happened to me and I was unconscious this ID would speak for me.If you put yourself into situations were you may need medical attention if something goes south, its definitely worth the $15.

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