G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp

G-Land is one of the most incredible waves on the planet. Making the trip to Java, Indonesia to score the epic point is an adventure that no surfer should die without experiencing.

Click to view my short G-Land photo journal from G-Land last season.

The wave at G-Land starts way up the point at a zone called Kongs and barrels down-the-line through a section called Money Trees, and eventually ends at a section of reef called Speedies.

Speedies is hands-down one of the best waves on the planet. It’s a perfect long barrel that dredges over shallow reef like a cement mixer.  If Speedies is working I’ll stay down there and surf that section the entire time.

Photo: Money Trees section of the point at G-Land (middle surf zone on the long reef in front of Bobby’s Camp).

Travelers to G-Land have their pick of three good surf camps – Joyo’s Camp, G-Land Jungle camp, and Bobby’s Camp.  Out of the three, Bobby’s is the best.

Bobby’s Surf Camp is located directly in front of the wave and offers the choice of three packages, Standard, Deluxe, and Superior. Check their website for the details on each package.

I highly recommend going with the Deluxe package.  The Deluxe is quite a bit better than the Standard package, and almost as good as the Superior.  Keep in mind, the camp is located in a jungle preserve in the middle of Indonesia, so amenities are by no means luxurious, but they are very comfortable.

Photo:  Happy hour in front of Bobby’s, free beer and sodas for everyone.

I also highly recommend taking the 2 hour speedboat to G-Land rather than the grueling 10 hour overnight van ride.  They both leave from the same location on Bali, but when you arrive on the speedboat your ready to surf right when you get there.  If you take the van, you will probably be pretty tired and sore from the drive, which might hurt your first day of surfing.

Photo:  Transportation from the speedboat landing to Bobby’s camp.  Takes about 5 minutes.

The other two camps at G-Land are also nice, but Bobby’s is the best.  The food is good, drinks are cold, the hang-out areas in the restaurant and on the beach are comfortable, and the individual room’s are cool to crash out in after a long day of surfing.

Photo:  My Deluxe package room at Bobby’s.

The best surf season begins in April and goes through October. Keep in mind it does get crowded during peak season, but there are plenty of waves to go around. Expect to find lots of Australians and Brazilians in the lineup.

Photo:  Hangout area in front of Kongs, by Jungle Camp.  2 minute walk from Bobby’s and a popular paddle-out spot.

If you fly from the USA, take Singapore Airlines (they’re better than China). Be sure to get travel insurance, quality mosquito repellent, a stocked first-aid kit, reef booties, long book, and plenty of sunscreen.

Photo:  I surfed it late season and absolutely scored, it was one of the best surf trip of my life.  This evening there were only two surfers in the water.  Earlier in the day I was the only guy out along the mile long point!

Video:  Shane Dorian and Kelly Slater surf G-Land for a day via helicopter from Bali.

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