Surf Resource Network

Surf Resource Network recognizes high quality surf as a valuable natural resource, which can be leveraged to provide means for community development. Their mission is to support local economies by partnering with organizations working to create positive outcomes for developing communities in surf rich regions.

Surf Resource Network supports local economies by raising funds for our partner organizations, facilitating the placement of volunteers within these organizations, fostering research and education, and developing sustainable projects to better the lives of individuals in the community.

They make it easy for surfers to help local communities by providing a directory of “SRN approved” accommodations, service providers, and volunteer opportunities around the world, which give a percentage of profits back to community based projects.

Current Surf Resource Network projects include providing healthcare and sanitation education, clean drinking water, vision testing and eye glasses, water safety training, building shelters, and the list goes on.

Surf Resource Network doesn’t just show up with donations an provide the services, but they actually integrate into communities, training and educating the local’s on how to continue the projects and improvements themselves.

Surf Resource Network is a positive jump start for communities – so to speak.  Teach a man to fish instead of give a man a fish.

Video:  Courtesy Surf Resource Network.

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