Goal Zero Traveling Solar

Anytime you want to power a device but don’t have any electricity, Goal Zero has you covered. Goal Zero makes light solar panels that can be broken down for easy travel. They’re a great source of power in third-world countries, while camping, and even on boats.

If you want to keep your devices powered anytime and anywhere, all you need is a solar panel and a power pack. That’s it. The solar panel will collect the power and the power pack stores the energy for you to use. Goal Zero power packs can be charged by the sun through the solar panels, but can also charge from the outlet on your wall or even through a 12-volt car adapter.

Goal Zero power packs have a variety of outputs: USB ports for cell phones or tablets, 12-volt for DC accessories, and AC ports for laptops, fans, CPAP, etc… It’s easy to use – no electrician required.

Why use Goal Zero solar?

– Easy-to-use: Goal Zero has taken the guess work out of using solar. Panels, power packs, lights, accessories and cords – everything you need is in one place and is designed to work together. No electrician required!

– Cost-Effective: Goal Zero is choosing pieces and parts that are high-quality and cost-effective so that we can pass along the savings to you. We want to make solar power accessible to everyone.

– Dependable: We test and test and then test some more so that you always have the power you need when you need it.

Looking forward to getting some Goal Zero products for an upcoming trip into the mountains where I’ll be without any power sources for a few weeks.  Stoked to have found Goal Zero before the trip!  Now I’ll be able to listen to music, charge my camera batteries, hook up my cell phone, and even work on the site… if I feel like it!

Have a look at all of the great solar systems Goal Zero has to offer.

Photo & Video:  Courtesy Goal Zero.

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