Nathan Fletcher Surfer Interview

Nathan Fletcher is one of the most talented big wave surfers on the planet.  I’ve always looked up to his natural ability to shred at every cool activity out there.

Nate’s an incredible guitar player and was a radicle pro snowboarder, motocross rider, skateboarder, and still one of the best surfer’s on the planet.

His brother Christian Fletcher was, and still is, one of the craziest guys I’ve ever met, and one of the first guys to ever do real air’s on a surfboard.  Today, 2o years later, Christian’s airs are still relevant, but at the time were completely misunderstood.

Nathan and Christian’s father, Herbie Fletcher, is a surfing legend and icon who has roots planted in surfing history since the 1960’s.

Here’s the latest Nathan Fletcher interview given by Surfer Magazine about surfing the heaviest wave ever ridden.

Video: Courtesy Surfer Magazine.

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