Electronic Shark Defense System

ESDS seems like something that would work great for spearfishing in tropical areas where small sharks are always following us around and taking the fish off our stringers. The electronic pulse coming from the leash and ankle strap really seem to work on the curious reef sharks in the video. Wonder if it will work on a two-thousand-pound Great White as it’s hitting top speed before breaching out of the water with it’s victim?

In order to get some great feedback on the device I think it would be a great idea if they test ESDS on a decoy in South Africa for white sharks, in Florida for bull sharks, and around curious tiger sharks in murky river mouths in Hawaii. Those three sharks make up the majority of fatal attacks.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Pro surfer Joel Centeio believes in the small device he straps to his ankle when he takes to the water.

“It just gives me that sense of safety. And I feel comfortable when I’m wearing it,” he said.

The tiny box on the Velcro strap is called the Electronic Shark Defense System or ESDS.

Wilson Vinano created the lightweight machine. He said it emits an electric pulse that repels sharks by affecting the gel in a shark’s nose.

Video on the his web site shows sharks dodging a bag of fish when the device is nearby, then shredding it to smithereens when the unit is taken away.

“We tested it on divers, our divers that swam around with it with sharks around. The sharks would just fade away. They wouldn’t even attempt to come close,” Vinano said.

He worked on the ESDS for five years and field tested different versions for hundreds of hours.

Collin Kobayashi of 3D Innovations and other engineers perfected the unit, making it watertight, compact and streamlined.

“We took all of the different parts that go in here. And then we tested it to make sure it fits. Once it fit we were able to send that file to get tooled up,” he said.

The device is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs about seven ounces. It runs on a battery that lasts nine hours before it needs a recharge.

Other shark repellent devices are bigger. Vinano said the ESDS is universal.

Centeio uses his religiously.

“Not only surfers, but divers, just normal beach goers could use it,” he said.

“Get your devices,” Vinano said. “It will help you feel more confident in the water than worrying about sharks.”

The Electronic Shark Defense System costs $335 with a surf leash and $299 without one. It goes on sale Monday on Vinano’s web site, www.esdshawaii.com.

Video and story: Courtesy Hawaii News Now.

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6 Responses to Electronic Shark Defense System

  1. Alex says:

    Has any testing been done by nonprofit organizations? I mean, if no one outside the company has tested it fully, then it can be a fraud for sure…

  2. Alex again says:

    This long answer didn’t really give an answer, or did it? If I understand correctly it has not been tested by other than the producers them selfs. In that case I would not risk my life using one of the. Better save money and be carful where you surf, as usual…

  3. Rick says:

    I’m not sure that the Shark Shield was tested by anyone other than the manufacturer but they have a solid reputation.
    Ig this works on the same principle then there is no reason for it not to work also, but some third party testing would be really good peace of mind before buying one.
    We have had 4 shark related fatalities off our coast in the last summer alone !

    • Doug says:

      Shark shield beta testing was done in South Australian waters by commercial abalone and shell divers. Feedback was given to Peter Gap the then product manager at sea change technologies. Unfortunately after successfully transitioning from the shark pod to the diver 01 unit and freedom 4 the company changed hands and direction. The freedom 7 was not beta tested by industry. In an attempt to extend market into surfers they ditched the very reliable unit that I personally dived to 70m on a regular basis and personally saw its effectiveness on great whites up to 5.5m in length. The 7 unit repeatedly flooded and failed at even moderate depths and without Peter at the company they continue to flounder with a sub standard product. Hopefully the ESDS has the balls to give the product to industry for beta testing.

      • John Maher says:

        Thank you for your valuable insight Doug, that’s the inside information that the public needs to know before purchasing and trusting equipment. Your comment is much appreciated.

  4. jake says:

    I am thinking of get the Electronic Shark Defense System for kitesufing dose anyone use one and i dont know if it would work well??

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