New Riffe Armoured Spectra Float Line

If you hunt big fish, Riffe has you covered. They just came out with a new Armoured Spectra Float Line that consists of three layers.

An inner 3mm core consists of a high flotation closed cell neoprene.  The middle layer is constructed from extra though spectra fibers that are strength tested to 2,100 lbs.  The spectra takes all of the tension and weight of the load, so the inner core is not effected.  The outer layer is constructed out of fused and molten polyethylene armoured spectra fibers, creating armoured spectra.  It can handle the biggest fish in the sea.

This is by far and away the greatest float line on the market.  It’s abrasion resistant, but still has fantastic grip properties.

Four lengths to chose from include:

25ft – $96
50ft – $139
75ft – $182
100ft -$225

I highly recommend Riffe’s Armoured Spectra Float Line if you hunt big fish. It will last forever and is a critical piece of equipment when your fighting the toughest fish of your life.

Video: Using a Riffe Vinyl Bungee float line while shooting Tuna off Hawaii.

If your not shooting giant fish but still want a quality float line, check out Riffe’s Vinyl Bungee Float Line assemblies.

Photos:  Courtesy Riffe.

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