Electric’s Mineral Glass Polarized Line

Whether your a hearty outdoorsman living off the land, a hot little lady who worships the sun, or a creature of comfort looking good in the hood – Electric has you covered.

Electric’s Polarized line is made in Italy with incredibly high quality frames and lenses, making them some of the absolute best sunglasses on the market. Electric keeps surfers, skaters, and snowboarders in mind when designing their line and the unique styling, supreme features, and exceptional comfort of their products show for it.

Electric offers three levels of polarization to choose from. This review is focused on the Polarized Level III series.

Level III: Mineral Glass Polarized

Electric’s Mineral Glass Polarized lenses use pure optical glass which guarantees un-equalled visual clarity, color brilliance and contrast. They grant great protection in the sun and improved sharpness of vision because optical glass does not distort images.

Glass is known to be a noble material that does not scratch and due to its hardness and natural purity of raw material maintains its optical characteristics over time. This composition (two glass wafers and film) makes up 1.8 mm of thickness in base 6 lenses and de-centered base 8 are 2 mm thick in the center and 1.7 mm at the external part of the lens. This is the lightest glass polarized lens available today.

The polarized film used in Electric Mineral Glass Polarized lenses are produced exclusively for Electric’s manufacturer and blocks 100% UV rays. It eliminates glare with an efficiency equal to 99.99%. Electric mineral glass polarized lenses are the benchmark for quality, performance and optical clarity.


Pure Optical Glass
Patented manufacturing system using proprietary film
3 Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) coating


100% UV protection
Unequaled Clarity
Ultra-Light Weight, less than 2mm thick
Impact and Scratch Resistant
Lenses comply with ANSI Z80.3, EN1836, AS/NZS 1067

If you cherish your vision and want some awesome looking shades, I highly recommend checking out Electric’s Polarized line in entirety. I use a few different styles and they each work incredibly well.

While your looking for the style you like best, check out their Loveless collection. With fresh retro frames and ultra high quality lenses, wearing Loveless is like resting your eyes in a Lazyboy while your looking like a rock star.

Check out all three levels of Electrics awesome polarized line at electricvisual.com.

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