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Got a blue Mizu bottle a couple years ago and have used it regularly ever since. The difference between Mizu and most of the other reusable water bottle’s is that Mizu is made of stainless steel which is much better than ceramic or plastic.

It’s the best water bottle I’ve ever used.  At 800 ml it’s the perfect size, is ultra light when empty, has a convenient durable screw top that’s great for clipping onto packs, and drinks always taste incredibly fresh.

I beat the crap out of my Mizu, dropping it on the rocks and concrete while lifeguarding, trekking, and traveling. The steel is scratched-up, dented, and looking pretty thrashed, but it’s never broken, had a leak, or even a hick-up.

After two full years of regular abuse, the bottle still works perfectly, and my beverages still taste delicious.  The dent’s and scratches give it character – I like it.  Most other bottle’s would be broken and unusable if they went through the same brutal treatment.

We believe in accountability. We frown on waste. We are discouraged by plastic health concerns. We don’t preach, but we think that paying $1.59 for filtered tap water makes no sense. We think a floating continent made of plastic is embarrassing. And we know that choking landfills with billions of plastic bottles is lame.

Our lifestyle is our inspiration. Our advocates share our vision. Design, aesthetics and individuality are important to us. We won’t compromise. We are Mizu.

Why stainless steel?

There’s a ton of technical support for why stainless steel water bottles are better than plastic and aluminium, but we prefer to keep it simple. All Mizu water bottles are made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, which is the same quality steel that is used for cooking. What does that mean exactly? For one, it doesn’t need a liner. Secondly, it doesn’t have a weird taste or retain the flavor of the last thing you put in it. And finally, it’s recyclable and 100% chemical/BPA free. Yep…you’re reading this right. It’s the best material there is.


800 ML
18/8 Food-grade stainless steel
100% Toxin, BPA, phthalate and PVC free
Mizu’s mouth is the perfect size for drinking. Not spilling
Angled neck for smoother flow
100% Reusable and recyclable
Will not retain flavors
Lifetime warranty

Check out Mizu online. They have some of the best surfers, skaters, and snowboarders advocating their great products for good reason.

Photo:  Courtesy Mizu and Iikka Backstrom.

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