Patagonia Stormfront Waterproof Pack

Patagonia Stormfront Pack is an ultra-simple, minimalist, waterproof pack with detachable harness and mesh hydration reservoir pocket that easily converts to a stand-alone dry-bag. Features an 840-denier nylon double-coat with a polyurethane film.

The Stormfornt is one of the best dry-backpacks on the market.  Built for comfort and longevity, the pack is designed for serious use in the harshest of climate’s, but also works great for daily use around the aquatic environment and heavy rainfall zones.  The wrap-around zipper is a quality unique to the Stormfront and offers incredibly easy access to your gear.

The Stormfront pack worked great while I was hiking in Hawaii.  My camera and phone stayed completely dry while I waded through deep rivers and trekked through heavy rain.  Looking forward to getting tons of use out of the pack before putting it to the ultimate test on the boats in Fiji next season.  The Stormfront is ideal for kayaking, fishing, jet skiing, fly fishing, and taking day trips into wet areas.

I’d write an in-depth personal detailed review and testimonial on the Stormfront, but Patagonia has already hit the nail on the head with their accurate write-up.

Wade a little too deep? Take one over the bow? Twelve hours of horizontal downpour? No problema. Whatever you need to keep dry, is – as long as it’s safely inside the Stormfront Pack.

This ultrasimple waterproof pack is made with tough, 840-denier double polyurethane-coated nylon fabric and features a revolutionary, easy-to-use waterproof zipper and internal, custom-fit padded gear case with an adjustable divider.

It’s comfortably supported by a removable shoulder-strap harness and 3D spacer-mesh back panel. Take the harness off and you have the perfect dry boat bag. A glued-in zippered mesh pocket keeps valuables organized and extra dry, while the external mesh pocket holds your hydration reservoir.

The harness system includes tool attachment and storage capabilities plus, as an added bonus, it’s compatible with the vest portion of our Pack Vest (available in previous seasons).


Waterproof fully-welded pod with waterproof/corrosion-proof main zipper
Internal custom-fit padded gear case
Harness system provides additional storage, tool attachment space and connects to vest; detach to transform Stormfront Pack into a dry bag
3D spacer-mesh back panel wicks moisture, dries quickly and allows air circulation
External mesh hydration reservoir pocket
Internal zippered mesh pocket
Outer pack: 840-denier nylon double-coat with a polyurethane film. Inner pack: 200-denier polyester. Harness back panel: 3D spacer mesh
1057 g (2 lbs 5.3 oz)

I highly recommend the Patagonia Stormfront Pack for anyone looking for the best standard size dry-backpack on the market.  It’s a light, functional, and an extremely comfortable dry-pack.

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Photo:  Courtesy Patagonia and Jeremy Koreski.

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