One of the most important and overlooked surf travel item is a quality set of tie-downs. Over the years I’ve seen countless boards and bags fly off cars or out of the bed of trucks, often times because the precious cargo was secured with weak rope or bad knots.

Yesterday a guy lost his giant bran-new stand-up paddle board going 60 mph right in front of me on the highway. Not only did he shatter his $1,200 purchase, but because of his careless tie job, he came really close to causing a terrible car accident.

Whether your driving off-road for hundreds of miles, or just cruising down the street to surf your local wave, tie-downs are all you need to fasten your boards.

Seems like a lot of surfers end up buying unnecessary and expensive rack systems.  Unless your shuttling canoes and using the rack for regularly hauling lumber, there is no need for the bulky car accessory.

If your not using a board bag, just throw down a towel in-between the wax on your deck and the roof of the car and cinch down your surfboard.  If you have a bag, it’s a good idea to thread the webbing through the bags carry strap or tie-down loops.

A good set of flat webbing metal buckle tie-downs are so easy to use, light, and dependable. Just throw them in your board bag and when your ready to move, bust them out and you can have your goods secured in less than a minute.

Either strap the boards down to an existing rack on the car, or just loop the straps around and cinch them down in the car before closing the doors.

If your driving on the highway it’s a good idea to spin the webbing before running it through the car so they won’t hum.

Many brands make quality tie-downs. I’ve use the same set from Destination for a few years now and they’re holding up great. DaKine also makes a great set.

A $20 tie-down investment is a good idea if you cherish your surfboards. Nothing worse than getting your boards halfway across the world only to have them fly off the roof and shatter on the highway before you get to surf. They’re strong enough to handle just about any load, and long enough to fit over a giant pile of coffins.

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