Surfsnack – High Quality Food For Life

In order to function at our full potential it’s important to eat nutritious foods that provide plenty of natural energy.  Surfsnack is a unique superfood.

Been grinding Surfsnacks for a year now and am really stoked on them for a number of reasons.

For one, they’re completely natural, providing real lasting energy which keeps both body and mind running strong and consistent.

Secondly, they curb hunger while keeping the body fully functional.  This is incredibly important for surfers and those of us with really active lifestyles.  It’s great to be able to power-up on a nutritious snack without a getting lump in gut which effects our surfing and overall performance.  Surfsnack keeps you lean, alert, strong, and energized for the task or session at hand.

Thirdly, they taste great any time of day or night.  I like to power a Chocolate Barrels Espresso Bar with my coffee before my first session.  If I’m planning on surfing or doing another physically demanding activity shortly after that I’ll grind a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Power Carve or a Coconut Almond Pineapple Express and get straight back out there.

Lastly, Surfsnacks are convenient to travel with.

Surfsnacks keep me alert and focused while lifeguarding through 10 hour shifts, are perfect to put in my pocket while trekking and snowboarding, and are so convenient to have in my backpack while traveling… especially in areas that have sketchy food.

That’s why Surfsnacks are so awesome.  They taste great and provide real energy that feels good.

Our Mission:

To offer delicious, healthy, and nutritious snacks at an affordable price specially formulated for the activity and lifestyle of surfing and all active pursuits. To keep you fueled up but not weighed down for life’s next event.

The Beginning:

“Surfsnack all began, in our modest tropical kitchen in Panama. We wanted a good snack that would keep us fueled for a full day of surf, but not weigh us down with lots of added sugars and fillers (since everything we encountered contained sugar, down to the sliced bread).

Through heavy R&D, which was comprised of field testing with large doses of water and tube time, we created surfsnack, a snack specially formulated for surfers and their needs.

Through salt water and sun burn, the snack evolved to what we believe to be the best on the go healthy snacks out there, and we think you will too.”

The Surfsnack Edge:

Q: What Makes Surfsnack So Special?

A: -It Tastes Better! A New Take on an Old Favorite: Healthy Cookie Meets Granola Bar.

-Main Sweetener is Nutrient Rich Organic Crystallized Coconut Palm Nectar (packed with 15 vitamins & minerals!).

-Low Rise/Slow Release Sweeteners for Energy Endurance and Glycemic Index Friendly (GI=35).

-Essential For Surf Travel On-The-Go and in Foreign Lands.

-Omega & Antioxidant Rich Flax & High Fiber Dates.

-Paired with Coffee = Perfection.

-Protein Packed Organic Rolled Oats & Nut Butters.

Another cool thing about Surfsnack is that they partner with the Surfrider Foundation and 1% For The Planet in a conscious effort to give back to the planet.

Check out Surfsnack online and get powered up for your next session.

Surf Photo:  Surfsnack founder Daniel Wheeler, all photos Courtesy Surfsnack.

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