Matuse Betz Full John

Both Joel Tutor and I agree that the Matuse Betz Full John works great in crispy waters when the sun is shining.

The Betz Full John’s the perfect suit for longboarding and standup paddle-boarding.  It’s a wetsuit designed to give the rider complete shoulder mobility while at the same time knocking back wind and water chill.  The Betz also provides comfortable cushion for both knee and prone paddling.

Like all of Matuse wetsuits, the Betz Full John is made out of limestone based hydrasilk and titanium coated geoprene, keeping it ultra light (98% water impermeable), buttery soft, and really warm.

Textured skin body wrap:

Strategic smooth skin on the torso blocks the wind, absorbs no water and keeps things classy.

Rolled over hydrasilk neck and arm edges:

It’s the little things that count – like getting no rashes.

Y – Velcro neck cover:

An amenity that covers your zip and ties things together.

Latent mini-zip:

Provides lateral movement and lowers resistance (& time spent getting in & out of your Ichiban game).

The Betz Full John works particularly well for longboarding and standup paddle-boarding because your on top of the water.  If I’m surfing my shortboard or if the surf’s big I’ll put on a Tumo Short Sleeve Full as an alternative to the Betz Full John, so water won’t flush my flanks while I’m duck-diving and taking violent wipeouts.

The Betz Full John is a really warm, incredibly comfortable, soulful wetsuit.  A great wetsuit for cruising chilly water while the sun’s shining.

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