XtraTuf Deck Boots

XtraTuf deck boots are made in the USA. At three pounds each, they’re tough, seamless, slip resistant, supportive, and flexible. They’re insulated with polymeric foam, keeping your foot warm to avoid cramping and other cold related issues, and come with a Chevron outsole and heel, which allows for great protection and comfort. The neoprene shell is triple-dipped for an absolute waterproof guarantee.

I recommend adding a real comfortable insert in your deck boots. Dr. Sholes Gel soles work great. XtraTuf makes insoles, but I’ve never used them.

These boots come in sizes 3 – 15, and you can always find good deals online.

Check the XtraTuf website for more on these great deck boots.

I you know what size you wear, please order your XtraTuf Boots through the Amazon.com link on the site for the lowest price.  I’ll even get a small commission to help feed Hungry Walrus.

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