Mccallum Surfboards – Quagg

Jeff Mccallum shapes artistic and functional wave planing devices that ride fast and gracious.  Each board is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail.

Had the chance to ride a handful of Mccallum designs in a wide variety of conditions.  From pumping Cloudbreak, to big Puerto Escondido, and around all the fun reefs and beach breaks in La Jolla – there’s a Mccallum model for every kind of surf condition.

Jeff’s boards are consistently good, including his experimental designs.

The Quagg is one of my favorite Mccallum surfboard models.  It’s quick, smooth on rail, and is even great for punting airs.  It’s the ultimate soulful speed machine that allows for both progressive and relaxed surfing.

The deck and bottom of the Quagg is really flat, the rails are turned down old-school, and the quad-fin configuration has tons of scoot.  The Quagg feels solid under your feet, goes where you want it to go, and carries momentum through each section.  It smooths out everyone’s surfing.

I highly recommend ordering a Quagg and checking out all Mccallum wave riding models online.  Mccallum surfboards are soulful and functional works of art.

Photo:  Courtesy Mccallum.

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  1. bird Huffman says:

    Been riding his shapes for years now. The 1st board that he ever built for me is in my top 5 boards of all time list. Surfable art pieces indeed. Hard to find but well worth the search. Shaped out of the Soul not out of the wallet.

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